Delivering Results

Some highlights of my work on your behalf:


  1. Building Community
  • 16 acres of  land secured for new pool and library facility in Queensville
  • 10 new parks and 29.4 km of new trails built, with 389 km planned
  • Programming and events increased by over 50%


  1. Value for the Tax Dollar
  • Led budget process to eliminate Town debt & dramatically increase reserves
  • Ensured a 61% increase in developer charges to ensure growth pays for growth
  • Held tax increases at or below rate of inflation


  1. Protecting Our Environment & Green Space
  • Ensured the Town’s Fill bylaw protects our soil & water
  • Delivered a successful Council motion for a Tree By-law
  • Pushed for stricter green building standards


  1. Effective & Transparent Government
  • Led initiative to have Council meetings live-streamed starting in 2019
  • Championed electoral reform that delivered a made-in-E.G. solution
  • Helped launch the town’s electronic newsletter, pushed for more social media


  1. Community Safety
  • Delivered new stop signs, new traffic signals, more crossing guards & lowered speed limits
  • Invested in emergency services for 24/7 firefighter coverage


I am always in consultation with the residents of East Gwillimbury about what is important to them. I want to ensure that my positions reflect the issues and concerns of the people I will represent. Please take a few moments to email me, or call me!

I believe that our elected representatives should be:

– Accountable
– Engaged
– Accessible

I am committed to on-going communication with members of the community, providing relevant information in a timely fashion. Calling on my professional background, I bring creative, innovative ideas to the table. Together, we can build a Town to be proud of.