Delivering Results

It has been a busy 4 years for our municipality. We have supported residents & businesses through the pandemic, managed unprecedented growth, and navigated new issues facing our community. Together with Council, I have delivered positive results for Ward 2 and East Gwillimbury.


  1. Affordable

  • delivered zero % increases on property tax bills

  • permanently eliminated late fees at the public library

  • increased development charges to ensure growth pays for growth, not existing residents

2. Safe

  • Safer Streets initiative lowered speed limits on Town roads to 40 km/hr

  • road safety initiatives like bollards, new stop signs & pavement markings

  • hired new staff for Fire Dept, enhanced smoke & cO2 inspection program, new 111-foot aerial fire truck

3. Attractive

  • we landed a $1 Billion investment that will deliver over 1000 jobs & unlock further investment in our employment lands

  • Heritage District initiative to protect downtown Sharon underway

  • updates to Zoning and Property Standards bylaws

  • new Arts & Culture committee delivering on public art initiatives

4. Active

  • delivering on plans for new pool, library and recreation facility in Queensville

  • 24 new parks and 30 km of new trails built during my time on Council

5. Green

  • Our new Official Plan ensures that even as we experience tremendous growth, we will remain 83% green

  • implemented Green Fleet strategy with alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations

  • New textile, battery & electronic recycling programs